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Jenn immigrated from Korea to Queens, New York with her family when she was five years of age. 

Some of the most hilarious things about her childhood is how her cousins and siblings talk about Jenn from that time period. One cousin mentioned that she was intimidated to come to her place to play, because it was Jenn’s way or the highway. 

When Jenn had them playing as Power Rangers, she (the Red Ranger, of course!), convinced her brother that he HAD to wear HER blue halter top because his blue shirt wasn’t the solid shade that was needed to properly represent the morphing teenage superheroes. At a different time, when all the cousins were over, she morphed the home into school (because who doesn’t love more school?!) and convinced everyone to fill out the dash-trace-handwriting worksheets (here’s an example) that she hand-made as an “in-class” activity. In her Backstreet-Boys-Nick-Carter-fan-girl years, she convinced a different cousin that she couldn’t fan-girl Nick as well and should like Brian instead because, well… that’s inappropriate since she liked him first. And she went along with it.

This unique ability to influence people wasn’t universal, however. Growing up in a traditionally Korean household meant that she was pushed incredibly hard academically and there was little room for discussion about personal preferences or difficulties… which made for some rough days. Jenn would have terrible stomach ulcers and frequently go to the emergency room because she had a hard time breathing… only to find out that the doctors to sent her away without a diagnosis. She would cry herself to sleep regularly because was unable to voice the fact that she hated the after-school program she was involved with.

What Jenn eventually realized is that every single one of these tough experiences she’s had in her life was an opportunity to learn something extraordinarily valuable about life, as well as herself:

  1. She has very strong opinions about things because she goes first.  Jenn only shares things that has actually made a difference in her own life.

  2. She has a knack for getting people excited about the things that have tickled her fancy (see #1) and she believes it’s her responsibility to share the good news.

  3. She lives for creating the environment that she didn’t have growing up: one where people can openly share openly about their struggles and make some mistakes on their way to achieving their potential.

  4. She is finding that there’s a need in the world for her great questions and desire to cheer people on in their own journey.


This whole endeavor started out as a hobby.

Jenn started posting YouTube videos with the intent of keeping in touch with her friends. Her first segment, Morning Chats, was inspired by some of her favorite memories from the morning after a sleepover with her girlfriends, where they would do their make-up together and talk about life. After hundreds of uploads covering many topics, the online interactions that have been meaningful are the ones where the viewer was inspired to make a significant change in their life. 

After soul-searching for over a year, Jenn found that life coaching perfectly encapsulates what she stands for and gives her the opportunity to do what she loves doing anyway.


While therapy is primarily about figuring out why the past is still affecting the present, life coaching is primarily about looking towards the future (with hope) and taking practical steps to make it your current reality. 

This doesn’t meant they don’t significantly overlap. Let’s think about it this way:

  • There are medical professionals and they are trained to treat illnesses as they manifest themselves in the present. 

  • Then, there are have professional athletic coaches in the gym or in elite sports. Not only do they try and keep athletes out of the hospital for as long as possible, their main purpose is to guide them to achieve something really special. 

Life coaching is focused on the latter, except we specialize in peak mental training vs. the physical.

Well, our core practice is based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This is proven to be a very effective model to sift out the fear and anxiety that tends to cripple people and identify practical steps that can be taken to make real change. 

We also recognize the value of the Big Five Personality assessments in developing vital self-awareness. This assessment was derived purely through observation where statistical models were used identify to underlying themes of personality. It turns out there were 5 “Big” ones and they reliably explain why things happen in the real world. It turns out that this assessment is most scientifically validated one out there.

Lastly, we help you to clarify what you want in life, and share other tools that might help along the way. This sounds simple, but you’d be surprised at how difficult it is.

That’s the thing with truth sometimes, am I right?

If you’re here, hopefully it’s because we’ve built some trust with you in the content that we’ve shared on YouTube

To be specific, though, we specialize in helping people with:

  • high sensitivity to negative emotions which often manifests as anxiety

  • high agreeableness, which hinders people from sharing their struggles for fear of burdening others

  • conflicting cultural norms in the household that make everything above that much more difficult

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