Above and Beyond

Learn how to live life on purpose. Together.

  • Do you experience a lot of guilt from knowing the “right” answers, but failing to follow through?
  • Have you been harboring resentment from important conversations you failed to have?
  • Are you struggling to make important decisions... or do you worry about big decisions you’ve already made?
  • Are you having a hard time coping with the fact that there are too many things in your life that are outside of your control?
  • Do you find yourself avoiding social situations more and more?

Above and Beyond is an ongoing, online meet-up group to help you live the life you want, and have a blast doing it.

A Group of Like-Minded Individuals to:

  • Bring maximum clarity to your thoughts and feelings
  • Develop a well-rounded plan to tackle your biggest issues
  • Stay accountable to maximize your results

Your Guide:

Jenn Rogers

Hi! I'm Jenn, the creator behind Above the Waves.

I am passionate about living with intention and helping others do the same. I truly believe that no one should feel alone and that we are meant to cry, laugh, vent, and support one another in community.

When I'm not creating YouTube videos, you can find me organizing (and reorganizing) my life, spending time with loved ones, CrossFitting, yelling at my husband about wearing sunscreen religiously, testing beauty products, bullet journaling, and practicing living with #Grattitude here on Maui, Hawaii.

The Structure:

  • Each group is limited to 4 people (including Jenn as facilitator) to allow for max engagement
  • 1-hour meeting on Zoom every 2 weeks
  • Share updates and progress on goals, followed by time dedicated to each individual for problem solving.

As a big fan and long time client of Jenn’s, I was worried by meeting as a group I would have less time with Jenn, which would in turn hold me back from the progress I was looking for in my career.

What I actually found, was that this group is the perfect complement to my coaching sessions with Jenn. Receiving the input of others helps me cover for my own blind spots, giving feedback to others helped me to clarify thoughts on my own personal struggles and the extra accountability helps me to make real progress on my goals. 

If you’re feeling even a little bit overwhelmed, know that you’re not alone in your struggles. I can’t over recommend giving Above and Beyond a try!”

-Rachel, Silicon Valley, CA


This program is intended to be ongoing, as long as there are people that find it helpful.

You will be assigned to a group based on the times you are available to show up for the video calls, and will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Each group will have a minimum of 3 people (including Jenn) for as long as possible, but capped at 4 people to provide enough time for everyone to participate.

Please prepare something to take notes with. Jenn will also share an agenda in a calendar invite before each meeting, so you can come prepared with the topic/questions you want to focus on.

Yes, your participation is highly encouraged. Our clients have said that one of the biggest perks of being in a group is being able to contribute value to other members, as well as receiving helpful suggestions and ideas they wouldn’t have come up with on their own.

A couple of reasons actually!

For now, Jenn remains a part of each group… and since she’s only one person these spots have to be limited.

As for the application, we’ve found that the most important factor for success in these groups is that each member shows up. This is a life principle, in fact. The application process is a small way in which we are able to see that you are serious about going Above and Beyond.

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