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I’ve had countless fights with my husband about something that would not come as a surprise when you hear it.

In the throes of emotion, I would share something with him, and he would immediately suggest ways to fix it.

Anyone else experience this frustration?


You see, what my husband didn’t understand is that:

1. Venting is the first stage of thinking

Our feelings are located in the part of the brain that is different than where we form words. 

When we first try to describe our experiences (or feelings), they will inevitably be really messy. Especially because words aren’t always enough to encapsulate everything about a situation. 

2. We need to learn to think for ourselves.

Most of us think by talking. 

When we don’t have a safe place to share our thoughts (imperfectly) or when someone is doing the thinking for us, they can inadvertently “steal our destiny” or our ability to create the future we desire.

3. We need a neutral party. 

If you’re living life as seriously as you would any competition, coaches and referees are vital to increase your abilities. They also uphold the integrity of the game.

As much as I love my husband and want to share everything with him, the raw ways in which I need to express myself can cause damage in ways that I would never, in my right mind, intend… and may cause me to be hesitant to share in the future. 

This is incredibly dangerous because thoughts are the seeds for action.


What to Expect:

Our core practice is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy–a highly validated and effective model to sort through our thoughts and feelings.

  • Each session is 45 minutes in length. 
  • The main agenda is determined by the client to freely explore any thoughts that need processing.
  • Together, we will collaboratively come up with an action plan for the week.
  • After the first session, each session will begin with a review of actions taken and the celebration of progress. 
  • A scientifically validated structure
  • A judgement-free zone
  • Someone who cares (sometimes too much for her own good)
You don't know what you were missing in life until you encounter working with Jenn - you'll gain a trusting, loving, and encouraging friend."
Tiffany, 32
Mother, Former President, Fashion Company
With Jenn, I felt heard, known and validated and in that safe place she created, I learned to be 'free to be me'."
Grace, 33
Mother, M.A. Harvard

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